Unable to Access Background Maps in Data Inspector

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Why can't I access Background Maps in Data Inspector?



Your firewall or proxy server may be blocking background map URLs. The best way to check if a proxy server or firewall is blocking URLs is to get a log from Data Inspector. In Data Inspector, with Background Maps on, you may need to try refreshing the map by zooming out before getting any error messages.

You may see the following error messages:

“Could not connect to server. Check that you are connected to the internet and that no firewall is blocking outbound connections.”


“... Unable to access network resources, please check your network configuration. Attempted to access... A fatal error has occurred" 

Please speak to your IT Team to add Background Maps URLs to the proxy server exception list.

Please note that a number of proprietary background maps (Esri ArcGIS Online Map Service, Google Maps Engine Map Service, Microsoft Bing Maps, MapBox Web Map Tile Server, MapQuest Web Map Tile Service, Nokia Here Map Service, and Stadia Maps) do not support proxy authentication mode NTLM.

If you continue to experience issues, please contact technical support. When contacting support, please attach the following two log files. First, please run proxytest.fmw. After running the original workspace, please open the HTTPCaller transformer properties and change the URL to a website that your internal network will allow, save the workspace with a different name and rerun the workspace. For both tests, please share the log files when you submit a support request.

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