Known Issue: Cannot Access a Repository with Square Brackets

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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In FME Server it is possible to create a repository that contains square brackets [ ], but the repository cannot be accessed or allow any workspaces to be uploaded to it.


This also prevents users from uploading workspaces to the repository through the FME Server Web UI.


This issue is due to Tomcat being more restrictive on which characters are allowed in the URL path and will be encountered in FME Server versions 2017.0 and newer. This issue may be encountered in older versions of FME Server, as it has only been tested back to 2017.0.


When creating a new repository on FME Server, be sure to exclude square brackets from the repository name.

If a repository was created with square brackets, delete the repository through the FME Server Web UI and recreate it without square brackets.

If this issue is affecting your workflows, please contact Safe Support.

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