Workspace Fails Using FME Server - Data in Mapped Drive

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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  • FME 2015.x


A workspace which runs on FME Desktop fails to run on FME Server. The error in the web user interface may say: "FME Server transformation failed: A fatal error has occurred. Check the log file above for details".

The FME log itself may show various reader or writer errors indicating the reader could not open the a source data file/directory or could not write to a directory.


On Windows, FME Server runs as a Windows Service which starts before the operating system defines mapped drives. FME cannot understand the drive mappings. It cannot find source data with mapped drives in the file path or write to mapped drives.


File paths in workspaces can be defined with UNC paths rather than mapped drives if your workspace is reading from or writing data to a network drive. For example, you may have a source data path in your workspace like this:


You must find out the computer name and path that your Z: drive is mapped to and modify and file path in your workspace to use the UNC convention. For example your Z: drive may map to a computer named Server1 and a directory called Data.

Your UNC path would then look like this:

Important Note:

By default, the FME Server Windows services are not started by a true network user. If a workspace run by FME Server needs to access a UNC or network file path for reading or writing, you must modify the user and password of the FME Server Windows Service. Instructions for changing the service user can be found here.

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