Tutorial: AutoCAD Transformations

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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  • FME 2017.x


This tutorial contains a number of articles about common AutoCAD transformation, covering some of the various AutoCAD specific entities. These articles are aimed at users who are somewhat familiar with AutoCAD. If you are new to the AutoCAD format, however, here’s a great getting started tutorial.

In this tutorial, we’ll get to see the DWGStyler, text entities, attributed blocks, xrefs, hatches, rasters, viewports, layouts and paper space. Throughout the articles, we will be leveraging the use of template files in different scenarios.



Give Your DWG Some Style: Using the DWGStyler, template files, blocks and more

Here we take a look at various ways to use the DWGStyler. It contains a few simple examples to help you get started constructing or improving your own workspace.

Reading and Writing AutoCAD Text & MText Features

Tips for when working with either text or Mtext entities and what is the difference from an FME perspective.

Working with AutoCAD Layouts

Quickly populate AutoCAD layouts for printing by creating viewports in paper space.

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