Workarounds to Known Issues in FME 2018.x

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Known Issues between FME 2018.1.1 and 2018.1.2


Invalid GeoJSON root structure with multiple feature types

Problem GeoJSON writer produces an invalid GeoJSON root structure if writing more than one feature type. The GeoJSON writer currently wraps the JSON feature collections with an array when multiple feature types are output. The GeoJSON standard mandates a FeatureCollection object as the root so this is incorrect (it is valid JSON but not valid GeoJSON).
Workaround Write one feature type per GeoJSON output document. This can be done using one writer per feature type or dataset fanout on feature type name. In this case the root object is a FeatureCollection and our output is valid.
Status We plan on making a major change to the GeoJSON writer for FME 2018.1 The current plan is to eliminate the array wrapper and properly support multiple feature types in a way that is consistent with the GeoJSON specification. We plan on adding a featureType property to the Feature object, instead of the array of named FeatureCollections that exists at the moment. If you have any comments or concerns on these planned changes please contact support.


Known Issues between FME 2018.0 and 2018.1.1


Windows OS only: Enable system OpenGL for Web View


Upon launching FME Workbench, FME displays the splash-screen and then crashes.
Other symptoms include:

  • There are no issues with executing an fme.exe process or launching FME Data Inspector

  • The machine is in a virtualized environment (AWS, VMWare etc.)

  • It is possible that Workbench launches using FME 32-bit versions but crashes with FME 64-bit.

FME Workbench is likely crashing due to enabling system OpenGL for Web View in FME Options > Appearance > Rendering Options. The crash has occurred because the system’s OpenGL is not compatible with what web view is expecting.


A registry key edit can resolve this problem.

  • Open Windows Registry Editor "regedit".

  • Navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Safe Software Inc.\FME Workbench\Settings

  • Find the key: "Enable OpenGL For Webview"

  • If this registry key exists and the value is “true”, modify the value to “false”


This option is no longer available via FME Options in the latest release of FME 2018.1.1.2. However, this registry key may still exist if it was set in a previous FME version.


Known Issues fixed with FME 2018.0.0.x


(32-bit only) Database/Web Connection Failure: Java Virtual Machine (JVM) memory issue

Problem A user may encounter an error inconsistently while retrieving database or web connections either via FME Options or within a Reader/Writer:

error-retrieving-connections.pngError message: "Error retrieving connections"

Java Virtual Machine (JVM) memory issues on 32-bit Windows may prevent addition of certain readers/writers, or the correct application of web or database connections in FME 2018.0 Desktop x86.
Workaround 64-bit FME 2018.0 does not exhibit this issue. Unless you require 32-bit FME for format support, we recommend using the 64-bit installer.

If you do require 32-bit formats, setting the following FME environment variables should resolve the issue in 2018.0:



If you are still experiencing intermittent connection issues, try altering the heap size:

  • Go to the Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced System Settings > Environment Variables:
    1. Create 2 NEW SYSTEM Environment variables
    4. If 64M doesn't work, try: 32M, 64M, 96M, 96M, 150M, 256M, 512M.

This was addressed with the release of FME 2018.0.0.1 for 32-bit Windows. The JVM heap size will now default to 128M and will log a warning in the Translation Log after launching FME.

It is possible that this value is not suitable for all cases - if you are still encountering an issue retrieving connections, please try using the workaround above by setting the heap size environment variables to a smaller or larger number.


Image Description: The Java Virtual Machine has customized initial heap size '128m' and The Java Virtual Machine has customized maximum heap size '128m'

The issue has been permanently fixed in FME Desktop 2019, and can be seen in our latest FME 2019 Beta releases.


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