Known Issue: MIME type on Text File writer cannot be updated once writer is added to workspace

Kezia Yu
Kezia Yu
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FME Version

  • FME 2021.0
Known Issue ID FMESERVER-19489
Discovered FME Server 2021.0
Affects All versions of FME Server
Resolved Unresolved



Users need to set the MIME type on the Text File writer at the time when they add the writer to the Workspace. If a user tries to change the MIME type later, the change is saved successfully in Desktop. However, if the workspace is republished to FME Server, the change is not reflected. The original MIME type is returned when running the workspace with Data Streaming or Job Submitter services.


Previously, you could only set the MIME_TYPE during the generation of the writer. You could not edit the value once the writer was added to the workspace because the MIME_TYPE parameter won’t show up in the writer settings. With recent changes, we can now edit the MIME_TYPE after adding the writer to the workspace. The change will affect the writer. However it is not reflected in the XML section of the workspaces file’s METAFILE_PARAMETERS. After publishing the workspace to FME Server,  FME Server only reads and parses the XML section, therefore FME Server is having trouble accessing the updated information.


Delete and re-add the Text File Writer to canvas and set the desired MIME type. Then save your workspace and publish to FME Server for the change to be included.

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