No FME Engines Available After Adding Network Based Resource

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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Versions affected: FME 2018.0 and prior versions which allow network resources

Version resolved: FME 2018.1 and newer


After adding a Network Based Resource to FME Server there are no FME Engines available to run jobs. FME Engine logs include the error message:

FME Engine failed to register with FME Server <host> on port 7070. Failed to verify message authenticity


The problem is caused by international characters in the UNC path to the Network Resource. For example the path: \\fs2\Pserv\Temp\Accént would cause this problem.


As of FME Server 2018.1+ this issue has been resolved. In FME 2018.0 and prior, the only workaround is to remove and not use network paths which include international characters.

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