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Liz Sanderson
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There are many different types of storage solutions available in Microsoft Azure and this article will illustrate which types of storage are supported by FME and can be accessed using the transformers in the Azure Storage FME Package.

Azure Data Lake

One of the popular types of storage is Azure Data Lake gen 2. This type of storage is a block blob storage type with a hierarchical namespace enabled and can be created for Standard and Premium tier Azure Storage accounts. Azure Data Lake gen 2 supports the Azure Storage API and is therefore supported by the AzureBlobStorageConnector transformer except for the documented known issues.

Azure Data Lake gen 1 is planned to be retired by Microsoft and not supported by FME. It is recommended to switch to Azure Data Lake gen 2.

Azure Storage

Azure storage offers 2 different performance tiers, which each offer different types of storage accounts. In the following, we will describe how to access the different types with FME. 

Blob Storage

The AzureBlobStorageConnector supports the following types of storage:
Block Blob storage (Standard & Premium)
Page Blob storage (Premium)

File Storage

The AzureFileStorageConnector supports the following types of storage:
File share storage (Standard & Premium)

Queue Storage

The AzureQueueStorageConnector supports the following types of storage:
Queue storage (Standard)

Table Storage

The Microsoft Azure Storage Table Reader/Writer supports the following types of storage:
Table storage (Standard)
To learn more about Azure services supported with FME check out our blog How to Connect to Microsoft Azure, and our Microsoft Azure Integration ​​​​​​​ page.

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