Known Issue: FME Server 2022.0 French System Locale failing to start on Windows Server

Kezia Yu
Kezia Yu
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FME Version

  • FME 2022.0
Known Issue ID DEVOPS-2470
Discovered 2022.0
Affects 2022.0+
Resolved 2022.2


After installing FME Server 2022.0 on Windows Server in French System Locale, the FME Server services cannot be started. Looking at Windows Services, the four FME Server Services (FME Server Application Server, FME Server Core, FME Server Database, and FME Server Engines) are not running. If you try to start the services, an error 1067 or 1069 will appear.



In the C:\Program Files\FMEServer\\Config\values.yml file, the system encoding for the system account (systemuser) “Système” causes issues with the installation.


Step 1. Modify C:\Program Files\FMEServer\Config\values.yml:

  1. Change systemuser: "Systèm" to systemuser: "Systeme" to remove the special character.
  2. Edit the line oraclepassword: <<POSTGRES_ROOT_PASSWORD>> to postgresrootpassword: "postgres" (There is a bug in the password redaction code that changes this keyname to "oraclepassword"). If you would like a more secure root password for the database, enter a different value instead of "postgres". 
  3. Replace all occurrences of <<DATABASE_PASSWORD>> with "fmeserver", or if you would like a different database password, use that value.
  4. Save the file.

Step 2. Open a command prompt as Administrator and run the following commands.
Please note: The commands are pointing to the default location for FME Server directory, please account for paths if you have custom or changed the FME Server directory location during installation. 

  • cd "C:\Program Files\FMEServer\Config\confd"
  • confd.exe -onetime -backend file -file ..\values.yml -confdir .
  • "C:\Program Files\FMEServer\Utilities\initPostGreSQL.bat"

Step 3. Open a powershell windows as Administrator and run the coommand:

  • & 'C:\Program Files\FMEServer\Utilities\setupPostGreSQL.ps1'

Step 4. Start the FME Server services in Windows Services (FME Server Application Server, FME Server Core, FME Server Database, and FME Server Engines).
Step 5. If the FME Server login page does not show fields for username and password, this indicates connection issues with the FME Server database. Please uninstall and reinstall FME Server to resolve the issue. 

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