Known Issue: FME Workbench won't start because Qt6Gui_fme.dll crashes

Dan Minney
Dan Minney
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FME Version

  • FME 2022.1
Known Issue ID FMEDESKTOP-13325
Discovered FME 2022.1.3
Affects FME 2022.2 (b22765)
Resolved FME 2022.2 (b22788), FME 2023.0 (b23224)


When starting up FME Workbench 2022.1.3 or higher, the application will crash on the 'Initializing Main Window' splash screen.


The crash is caused by a Qt module used for the FME graphic user interface (commonly referred to as GUI). To confirm that the issue you are experiencing is related to the issue in this article, open the Windows Event Viewer and check for an Error from around the time the crash occurred. You will see an error message referencing Qt6Gui_fme.dll


The issue has been fixed in the latest release of FME 2022.2 (b22788). The fix is also available in FME 2023.0 (b23224). Please download either of these versions to resolve the issue. You find the download page for FME Desktop here.
Note: The first launch will still crash FME Workbench, but subsequent launches will work.

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