Snowflake Spatial Writer - NULL Geometries

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  • FME 2020.2


When I attempt to write spatial data to Snowflake Database using the Snowflake Spatial Writer I get NULL geography values in the table I am writing to.
Confirm the issue: You can confirm this behaviour by running the simple workspace attached to this article against the Snowflake account. (NOTE: Please do update the Database Connection on the Snowflake Spatial Writer in the workspace.)  If you still get NULL geospatial data types, then this is likely due to the following reason.


There is a necessary Change Behavior (link) that needs to be deployed to your Snowflake Account before FME can successfully write geography data types.    


This should be enabled very soon by default (as of November 2020 it was not) on all new Snowflake accounts.  If you suspect it is not enabled on your account you can enable this by running the following command:
In your Snowflake Web Console, with the ROLE set to ACCOUNTADMIN run the following statement: 
          select system$enable_behavior_change_bundle('2020_10');
   This will enable the required feature in the Snowflake database.  Try writing the spatial data again with the simple workspace attached.  

If the solution does not work, please contact Safe Software Support (here ) to look into the issue further.  

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