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Known Issues between FME 2019.0 and 2019.2


Emailer Fails when International Characters are Used in the Email Password

Problem When using the Emailer in FME Desktop, if the SMTP authentication email password contains international characters such as äåø, the workspace will fail with the error: 
2020-10-23 15:52:48| 1.3| 0.1|WARN |Emailer: <class 'UnicodeEncodeError'>: 'ascii' codec can't encode characters in position 0-2: ordinal not in range(128). 
This is caused by an unresolved bug in the Python 3 standard library. For more information on this bug see This issue was not present in FME 2018 or older because these versions used the Python 2.7 library which has looser text encoding practices. 
Workaround To resolve this issue, please change your email password to remove these characters. If you are unable to change your password, please downgrade to FME 2018 or older to use Python 2.7.
Status Unresolved

MacOS Catalina 

Problem macOS Catalina may identify downloaded installers as a risk, and prevent opening via double-click

There are several ways to get around this!

#1 Instead of double-clicking the FME Desktop Installer icon, right click and select "Open". This will present a slightly different dialog which presents a warning, but allows the user to select "Open" anyway and continue with installation after providing password credentials.

#2 Go to Settings / Security & Privacy after receiving the error message, and under General / Allow Apps Downloaded From .. select "Open Anyway" next to "FME Desktop Installer"

#3 Optionally, you can also get around this from the command line by removing the quarantine Extended Attribute on the file:

xattr -d /path/to/file

Status We aim to prevent this behaviour through pre-registration of installers via Apple's notary service (likely with FME 2020, but potentially with an earlier 2019.2 release)


Third Party Application Crashes with some Windows 7 Configurations


Problem Some users may experience application crashes with combinations of older Windows operating systems (specifically Windows 7) and third party applications such as Photoshop and Civil3D after installation of FME 2019.x.
Workaround Upgrade to FME 2019.1.3+. Note prior versions of FME (2018.x) do not exhibit this behaviour either.
Status Fixed in 2019.1.3 and available in the 2019.2 beta stream at


Fails to write Geodatabase (File and SDE) with ArcGIS Pro 2.4/2.5


FME 64-bit fails to write to Geodatabase (File and SDE) with ArcGIS Pro 2.4 and 2.5. The following is an error message you may encounter:

An error occurred while attempting to insert a row into the table '<tablename>' using a cursor.

The error number from ArcObjects is: '-2147418113'

The error message from ArcObjects is: {}

An error occurred while attempting to insert a row into the table '<tablename>' using a cursor.


There are a couple of workarounds to resolve this with FME 2019 64-bit:

1. Use ArcGIS Desktop with 64-bit Background Geoprocessing


2. To continue using FME with ArcPro, switch the Python Compatibility to “Esri ArcGIS Pro 2.1 to 2.5 Python(3.6)”.

  • For FME 2019.x and higher, iIf you have no user defined Python (start-up/shutdown scripts or Python Caller) in your workspace, then please add a small startup Python script. To do this go to Navigator > Workspace Parameters > Scripting > Startup Python and add one line:
  • The option is required as an additional step due to our effort to reduce the workspaces with “Python 2.7” since Python 2.7 is deprecated

This issue has been resolved in FME Desktop 2020.0.


Esri Geodatabase (File Geodatabase API) Format Fails to Write to Existing GDB (ArcGIS Pro 2.4+)

Problem When creating a File Geodatabase using the latest Esri ArcPro release (2.4/2.5 beta), and writing to it via FME's Esri Geodatabase (File Geodatabase API) format, an error will occur. The error message may look like:
ERROR |Geodatabase Error (-2147219115): The row contains a bad value.
ERROR |FileGDB Writer: Could not create feature class 'TestPolygon'
ERROR |A fatal error has occurred. Check the logfile above for details
WARN |Geodatabase Error (-2147418113): Unexpected operation.
WARN |FileGDB Writer: Could not disable Load Only Mode for feature type 'TestPolygon'
Workaround Use a File Geodatabase created in ArcGIS Desktop or use the Esri File Geodatabase (FGDB) writer.
Status This has been reported to Esri and is currently being looked at


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