Known Issue: FeatureReader cannot read Feature Types from a Parameter Type Choice (Multiple)

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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FME Version

  • FME 2020.0
Known Issue ID FMEENGINE-64107
Discovered 2020.0
Affects 2020.0 and newer
Resolved N/A


In the FeatureReader you have set the ‘Feature Types to Read’ to a user parameter of type Choice (Multiple) or Choice with Alias (Multiple). When the translation is run if only one feature type is selected the translation is successful. However, when I select multiple feature types the reader will return an error or warning, this will vary depending on the format but will list all selected feature types as if they were a single value. 

For example

ERROR  |An error occurred while attempting to open the table, feature class or relationship class 'SDEUSER.AddressPoints SDEUSER.CellSignals SDEUSER.DrinkingFountains'. The error number from ArcObjects is: '-2147216057'. The error message from ArcObjects is: {Invalid parameter value passed to function}


WARN  |Geodatabase Error (-2147220655): The table was not found.
WARN  |Could not open File Geodatabase table `CommunityCentres AccessibleParking DrinkingFountains'



The Feature Types to Read expects values to be a space-delimited list of FMEParsableText whereas the Choice (Multiple) and Choice with Alias (Multiple) expect values to be a space-delimited SDF list formatted string. Therefore the choice parameter is not correctly encoded in a way that the backend can properly interpret it, and so once decoded FME can only find a single value.



Resolution 1: Create Attribute from Choice Parameter

  1. Add a ParameterFetcher transformer before the FeatureReader
  2. Open the ParameterFetcher and under Parameter Name select the choice user parameter
  3. In the FeatureReader parameter editor and set the Feature Types to Read to this attribute

Resolution 2: Create the User Parameter directly in the FeatureReader

  1. Open the FeatureReader parameter editor create a user parameter from the Feature Types to Read 
  2. Define the parameter, to fetch all the feature types from your dataset select fixed list. If you were previously using Choice with Alias check the box ‘Use Alternate Display Name’ and update the display name for each feature type 


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