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Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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There are plans to implement a calendar view for FME Server schedules, but we are still working on improving this functionality before we release it. In the meantime, Philippe Blackburn Gravel from the City of Repentigny has developed a workspace that creates an Excel Spreadsheet where you can see all of the schedules on FME Server, as well as shows you open time in the schedule where you could potentially plan downtime for upgrades or add CPU intensive workspaces. This method will also continue to be useful once we release our schedule viewer, as you can share the Excel spreadsheet with whoever may need to find a time slot.



This workspace utilizes the FME Server REST API to retrieve the schedules and, based on how the schedule was set up, then either the time or the CRON expression is extracted. After some attribute manipulation, the data is output to Microsoft Excel. 

To run the attached workspace, you will need to create an API token in FME Server that has access to Schedules. 

Once the API token has been created, open the workspace in FME Workbench, then run the workspace with Prompt. In the prompt, enter your FME Server URL and the token. Then browse to a location to save the Excel spreadsheet. 

Run the workspace, then view the output in Microsoft Excel. 


The Time worksheet lists the name of the schedule, the description (if there is one), how often the schedule reoccurs, the time it starts, and if it is enabled. 

The Week worksheet provides an overview of the week which shows where there would be gaps in the schedules. The FME Server instance shown in this demo isn’t very busy, but if we were planning downtime for an upgrade, then it looks like the most optimal time would either be a Wednesday or Thursday, as the schedules on those days are disabled, or over the weekend. 

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