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In FME 2019.0 and newer, starting with build 19104, the FME Server Windows Installer is now wrapped up in a self-extracting executable which means the installation process will have one extra step at the beginning. This change will only affect FME Server Administrators (or anyone who does their own FME Server installations). The experience when running FME Server will still be the same.


Section 1: About the Change

With FME Server growing and evolving, the current MSI installer does not support installs greater than 2 GB, which FME Server is fast approaching. An MSI Installer is an MSI database which contains one or more cab files and installer logic that will be installed. Previously the cab files were embedded in the installer, but now that the size threshold is being reached, these files need to be shipped externally.


In order to ship all these files in one package, we have wrapped them up in a self-extracting executable. Now when running the FME Server installer, a File Extractor will be launched first, where you can choose a location to extract the files to. Once the files have been extracted, the FME Server setup wizard will be the same experience as before. After the install, you can go ahead and safely delete the extracted MSI and cab files saving an extra ~2GB of space on your system.


In addition to being able to save disk space with this change, a log file will also be generated with each installation. This log file will be located in the same directory where the installation files were extracted to.


Section 2: How do I Migrate My Silent Install

There are two ways of performing a silent installation. One way is to extract the installation files onto the machine manually, then you can call the .msi file to silently install exactly the same way as before. However, you can also call the silent installation directly from the new executable.


The bootstrapper executable has a few parameters that can be passed in:

-d<path> Set the destination folder for unpacked files.
-s, -s1, -s2 Silent mode. Switch -s is a brief form of -s1. Both -s and -s1 hide the main dialog and extraction progress. -s2 hides the start dialog, but extraction progress is displayed.
-sp<par> Silent parameters to be passed to the extracted MSI installer when it is run. These are the parameters that you would normally pass into msiexec.




The following examples assume you are running a command line from a directory that contains an installer named fme-server-win-x64.exe.


Extract installer to C:\FME\installer and install with all default options (similar to Express install)

fme-server-win-x64.exe -d”C:\FME\installer” -s -sp”/qb /norestart”


Extract installer to C:\FME\installer and install core only with an FME Server System Share directory on a share on another machine named "\\machine1\share"



If you have any questions regarding the new installer changes, please contact Safe Support.

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