GDAL Deprecations in FME

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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FME uses GDAL libraries and divers for both raster and vector formats. As we upgrade the GDAL library to include new formats, it also means some formats are being deprecated or removed by GDAL, so FME will have to follow suit. In some cases, we have found workarounds, but in others, there will be no new replacement functionality. For a list of available GDAL formats for your version of FME, please see the documentation, 2021.0, 2021.1, 2021.2, 2022.0. More deprecations are expected for upcoming releases of FME and this article as well as the FME Deprecations article will be updated as these occur. 

If you are having issues with your workflow with one of these formats, or require an alternative, please contact Support


If you are using these older formats, please upgrade the reader or writer in your workspace to utilize the new format. 
  • Instead of NTv1 use NTv2 
  • Instead of MongoDB use MongoDB3


The following readers/writers will no longer be available in the FME version they are listed under. If you require these formats, please use an older version or contact Support to discuss an alternative. 

FME 2022.0

  • Fuji Bio-Imaging Analyzer Systems (BAS) (GDAL_FUJIBAS)
  • Image Display and Analysis (WinDisp) (GDAL_IDA)
  • Erdas 7.x .LAN and .GIS (GDAL_LAN)
  • Intergraph Raster (INGR)
  • IBM Cloudant (CLOUDANT)
  • CouchDB (COUCHDB)

FME 2021.1

  • Arc/Info Export E00 GRID (GDAL_E00GRID)

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