Known Issue: FME Server REST API V4 Deleting User Account Issue

Kezia Yu
Kezia Yu
  • Updated

FME Version

  • FME 2021.0
Known Issue ID  FMESERVER-17670
Discovered 2021.0
Affects 2021.0+
Resolved 2021.2 b21808


Users may run into issues when using FME Server web interface to delete user accounts and transfer ownership of items. FME Server REST API V4 will transfer ownership of items but clear the granted permissions.   



It is expected that only the ownership of the items is changed, but all other shared and granted permissions will be revoked as well. Other users that had permissions to the item will no longer have access post transfer ownership of items.



If this is a concern, use the REST API V3 endpoints to delete user accounts instead of going through the FME Server web interface as the Web UI uses REST API V4. 

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