Known Issue: Dynamic Writing with Schema as a Resource Definition

Trent Kading
Trent Kading
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Known Issue ID FMEDESKTOP-11826
Discovered August 3rd, 2021
Affects All Versions



Attempting to perform dynamic writing using a reader resource as the schema source produces the following error/warning in log file:

“Cannot find a matching schema named '<Feature type name>' in the known set of schemas: 'CSV'. Known schema sources are: 'CSV2_1'. Please verify writer feature type configuration.”


Certain readers(one such example is the CSV reader) can set the feature type name of the generated schema to the format name, CSV, or to the file name (see below). Similarly, most raster readers can do something similar. In both cases, these options are NOT able to be modified once generated.

In this case, since there is no feature type on the canvas for the reader, the choice made is also not clearly visible, though it is clear from the message that the name chosen was 'CSV', and not the file name.


Workaround 1 (this scenario):

Set the Schema Definition Name to CSV which was the name the CSV reader feature type was generated with. This should fix all writers using this system.

Workaround 2 (generally, but not for this case):

Generate a CSV reader feature type using the file name, and then allow the default fanout attribute and schema name to just match

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