Known Issue: Backup workspace fails with an HTTP 404 error

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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Known Issue ID FMESERVER-16502
Discovered FME Server 2020.2 b20787
Affects FME Server 2018+
Resolved N/A


When attempting to run the backupConfiguration.fmw utility workspace, the workspace fails and the job log shows an HTTP 404 error.  The error occurs both when trying to run the backup workspace manually or on a schedule.



This happens when migrating from an FME Server 2017 (or older) to a newer version. In the process of migrating, the shipped backupConfiguration.fmw workspace was replaced with the older FME Server's workspace.  The old backupConfiguration workspace uses a now-defunct REST API GET request call: $(FME_SERVER_WEB_URL)/fmerest/configuration/migration/export.



Go into the Utilities repository and delete the old backupConfiguration workspace. Download the workspace provided in this article and upload it into the Utilities repository. The HTTPCaller will contain the correct and updated POST request URL: $(FME_SERVER_WEB_URL)/fmerest/v3/migration/backup/download

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