Porting a 32-bit Plug-In to 64-bit

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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FME Version

  • FME 2021.1


As of FME 2022, all plug-ins must be ported to 64-bit in order to work with FME, as we are discontinuing our support for 32-bit in FME 2021.2.x. Converting existing 32-bit plug-ins can be done using Visual Studio. 


  • A 64-bit FME. When installing, choose to install the Software Development Kit for FME.
  • A 64-bit environment in which to build the plug-in
  • Visual Studio 2008 or newer
  • Visual Studio 64-bit Components.



  1. Create a 64-bit build configuration for your project. See this article by Microsoft for instructions.
  2. Build your plug-in using this configuration.
  3. Test the 64-bit plug-in thoroughly using the Advanced Testing section of the Getting Started Guide, located in \pluginbuilder\samples\doc\FMEPlugInSDK_Cpp.pdf 



  • For common problems that occur when porting a program to 64-bit, see this article by Microsoft.
  • Your problem might also be addressed somewhere else in Microsoft's 64-bit programming guide.
  • The Getting Started Guide contains tips on debugging plug-ins, including how to step into a plug-in using a debugger and how to use the FME logger to debug a plug-in.

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