Working with Big Data and FME

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Big data is a term to describe datasets that are high in volume and have a variety of data types, that also need to be processed at high velocity. For a high-level overview of how FME can help you with Big Data, see our website



Getting Started with Google BigQuery

FME & Hadoop FAQ


Format Documentation

Apache Hive (Hadoop) Reader
​​​​​​​Amazon DynamoDB Reader/Writer
Google BigQuery Reader / Writer
IBM Cloudant

​​​​​​​Top Questions and Answers

big data -> big headache
​​​​​​​Big Data Processing
​​​​​​​What is the Standard Process in Loading Big Data to a Database


Additional Resources


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Performance and Application of GIS and Big Data ETL Processes Using FME


BigQueryGIS - Simple​​​​​​​
BigQueryGIS - Dynamic



​​​​​​​Build a limitless spatial database in the cloud with Amazon DynamoDB and S3 [18:25] 



Big Data - Tap into Cloud Infrastructure [1:09:08]

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