Known Issue: FME Desktop and Server not able to use R 4.2

Sienna Emery
Sienna Emery
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Known Issue ID FMEENGINE-73477
Discovered FME Desktop 2021.0.1.0
Affects All versions 
Resolved Unresolved


When using R 4.2 with FME the following error will occur.

ERROR |RCaller (InlineQueryFactory): Failed with exit code 1 when executing R script. Output was: Loading required package: gsubfn
Loading required package: proto
Loading required package: RSQLite
Error in if (fmeOutput != "") dbWriteTable(dbcon, "Output", fmeOutput,  :
the condition has length > 1
Execution halted
2022-05-20 23:28:11|   0.3|  0.0|ERROR |RCaller (InlineQueryFactory): Failed to execute scripted code.


Downgrading your R version to 4.1.3 or lower will resolve the issue.

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