FME Server Restore: Unable to Import Subscribers

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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Known Issue ID FMESERVER-13739
Discovered 2019.0
Affects 2019.0 + 
Resolved Unplanned


In FME Server when I try to restore my fsconfig backup file the task fails and the error reported is:

Unable to import subscribers because the protocol "gcm" is missing. Please ensure that the post-configuration scripts were correctly run after server installation (see FME Server Administrators Guide for more details).

This error may occur with either the "gcm", "push" or "apns" protocol. 



In FME Server 2018 the Push protocol was renamed to HTTP Request, in 2019 the GCM protocol and in FME Server 2020 the APNS protocol was deprecated. In some FME Server installations we have found that remnants of these protocols remain in the backup file and newer FME Servers are unable to import these protocols. 



Please contact Safe Software Support so they can remove the offending subscriber protocol item from the .fsconfig file. 

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