Known Issue: FME Server Database Connection Error 'unable to open database file' or 'cannot be located'

Sanae Mendoza
Sanae Mendoza
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FME Version

  • FME 2021.0
Known Issue ID FMESERVER-16510
Discovered 2021.0 b21302
Affects 2021.0 
Resolved 2021.0 b21317


FME Server jobs fail because of a Database Connections error. The Database Connection connects to a file uploaded to FME Server.

Examples of errors: 

ERROR |SQLite 3 Reader: Failed to open database '$(FME_SHAREDRESOURCE_DATA)/MyFolder/TestSQLiteFile.sl3'.  SQLite3 Engine error: `unable to open database file'


ERROR |OGCGEOPACKAGE reader: file '$(FME_SHAREDRESOURCE_DATA)/MyFolder/TestGpkgFile.gpkg' cannot be located.  Please ensure the file exists and is accessible



An FME Server Parameter within the Database Connection is not being resolved by FME Server.


Edit the Database Connection to reference the database file path directly. 

  1. Navigate to FME Server Files & Connections > Database Connections and select the Database Connection. 
  2. Replace the Database parameter with an explicit path to the file database's location. FME Server must have permissions to access this location. Example:




If this doesn't solve your issue, or you're not using FME Server 2021 or newer, consult our FME Server: Troubleshooting Connections for Web and Database guide.  

Beyond connections, refer to our general FME Server Troubleshooting Guide or How to Create a Great FME Server Support Case to get started making a case with us. 

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