Concatenating or Combining Published Parameters

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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The user wants to select a road category (minor, major, or rural) from a table in a SQL Server database using a where clause, WHERE: road_category = <USER SELECTION>.

How do we let the user select the category and get FME to read only that category then execute the workspace? A workspace is attached to illustrate the solution.

You can concatenate the parameters. The steps are:

1. Create a Published Parameter for User Input

Create a parameter so the user can select a road category. In the sample workspace this is the RoadCategory parameter. For more information on creating a published parameter, please see Introduction to Published Parameters.

2. Apply the User Parameter to the FME Parameter

Define the WHERE clause with the attribute name: "road_category" and the published parameter: $(RoadCategory).



In the MITAB Writer you can see the results of selecting a road category and running the workspace.

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