Autodesk Map 3D and FME FDO Providers

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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As of FME 2022.0, the FME Integration Console will no longer be available in FME Desktop. For more information, please see the FME Integreation Console Deprecation article.


What version of FME do I need to use the FDO provider from within AutoCAD Map 3D?


See Feature Data Objects (FDO) Providers Notes for information on which release of FME includes support for which version of FDO. The platform is also required to be the same, e.g. 64 bit AutoCAD requires 64 bit FME.

When FME extends AutoCAD Map via the FME Integration Console it adds the following lines to the providers.xml file

 <FeatureProvider> <Name>Safe.FME.3.6</Name> <DisplayName>FME FDO Provider for Multiple Formats</DisplayName> <Description>FDO Provider for multiple formats based on FME</Description> <IsManaged>False</IsManaged> <Version></Version> <FeatureDataObjectsVersion></FeatureDataObjectsVersion> <LibraryPath><a target="_blank">C:\Program</a> Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD Map 3D 2012\bin\FDO\fmefdoprovider.dll</LibraryPath> </FeatureProvider>

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