Oracle error was `ORA-00911: invalid character

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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Executing a SQL Query in the Oracle reader, OracleQuerier or other FME transformer returns an error:

error was `ORA-00911: invalid character


This can be caused by including the semi-colon (;) on the SQL statement, or possibly inserting TABs and other special characters that may be included in the SQL statement if you have cut and pasted from a SQL editor.


Remove the ';' or other special characters for single line SQL statements.

The FME "SQL Statement to Execute Before/After Translation", SQLCreator, and SQLExecutor (retired SQLQuerier) do support multiple SQL statements.

In this case include the FME_SQL_DELIMITER <delimiter> as the first line in the SQL block (typically the delimiter is a semi-colon ";").

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