Getting Started with Cartegraph

Sienna Emery
Sienna Emery
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  • FME 2021.2


Cartegraph is an asset and operations management system used to manage assets and track work. 
FME can connect to Cartegraph using the suite of Cartegraph Transformers available on the FME Hub. These transformers do require access to the Cartegraph API to be used. The Cartegraph transformers can be used to create, delete and modify business objects. 

Why Use FME to Process Cartegraph Data

You might use FME to process data because you need to:

  • Send Cartegraph data to other systems it cannot connect to
  • You may need to do some advanced attribute handling that Cartegraph may not support
  • You may want to write to Cartegraph from another system



Connecting to Cartegraph 
In this article, users will learn how to connect and fetch data from Cartegraph.

Writing to Cartegraph  
In this article, users will learn how to write to Cartegraph, including how to create the JSON required to submit geometry to Cartegraph. 


Need more functionality?

If you need to use any other functionality from the Cartegraph API, you can use the HTTPCaller to access the API. For tutorials on how to use the HTTPCaller in FME see Getting Started with APIs

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