AutodeskA360Connector Deprecation

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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A360 Drive was retired by Autodesk in October 2020 and replaced by Autodesk Drive. Currently, the A360 API that the AutodeskA360Connector uses still works, but may be deactivated by Autodesk without notice; this will result in the A360Connector failing in all versions of FME. Because of this instability and no available API for Autodesk Drive, we will be deprecating the AutodeskA360Connector in FME Desktop 2023. Note that we may deprecate it sooner should access be discontinued. 

Download Files

Please download all files you wish to retain from A360 as soon as possible, as they may be removed from Autodesk without notice

As of August 11th, 2022, the AutodeskA360Connector is still able to connect to Autodesk, but access may be deactivated without notice. Prior to the deprecation of the AutodeskA360Connector, you can use the connector to download your files. 


If you notice that the AutodeskA360Connector no longer works, please contact Support or comment on this article and we will update this notice. 


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