Known Issue: FME Server Job Failure when Published Parameters reference FME Server Parameters

Sienna Emery
Sienna Emery
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FME Version

  • FME 2022.0
Known Issue ID FMESERVER-18414
Discovered 2022.0
Affects 2022.0+
Resolved Resolved in 2022.0 build 22347


Workspaces that use a File Published Parameter may fail when published to FME Server if the file parameter was created within the transformer and it is referencing an FME Server parameter.
The error in the log will say something like “File cannot be found”.


This is caused by the FME Server parameter not being encoded correctly.



This should be resolved by completing either of these workarounds.

Workaround A: Change the Published Parameter

Try creating a new Published Parameter in the workspace. Remove the current file published parameter. Then, create a new one from the Navigator panel. 

New Parameter Creation

Workaround B: Avoid using the FME Server Parameters

Instead of changing the FME Server Parameter, you can remove them and set it to the File Path instead. 

For example, if this is failing:
FME server parameter

Try this instead:
FME Server Parameter

Please note that C:\ProgramData\Safe Software\FME Server\resources\data will be the default path for Windows. However, it may be different depending on the Shared Resources Folder specified during the installation of FME Server.


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