Known Issue: Existing Salesforce integration is no longer working or experiencing an OAuth Error

Nampreet Singh
Nampreet Singh
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FME Version

  • FME 2022.0
Known Issue ID TBD
Discovered 2022.2
Affects All Versions
Resolved Unresolved - with a potential workaround


  1. Previously working Salesforce integrations with FME that use a Web Connection/Web service (typically via the SalesforceConnector) are no longer working, and/or
  2. You are receiving an OAuth Error when trying to authenticate a new or existing Salesforce web connection in FME similar to:



The cause of this issue is currently under investigation.  However, we suspect that the Salesforce Web Service definition shipped with FME is no longer valid for some Salesforce implementations.  Though the issue was discovered during the FME 2022.2 release, it potentially affects all prior and future versions of FME that use the current Salesforce Web Service definition:


Create a new Web Service in FME Workbench based on a Client ID/Secret that is generated from a new Connected App in Salesforce as outlined in Connecting to Salesforce in FME.


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