Known Issue: Web Services on FME Server are Invalid

Sienna Emery
Sienna Emery
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  • FME 2022.0

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2022.2 22785

This was found using ArcGIS Online but the same issues will exist for other Web Services. If you are using a web service in FME Server and experience these symptoms the same workarounds will apply.   


ArcGIS Online Web Connections created from the ArcGIS Online Web Service template do not work on FME Server. When trying to add the URI to the web service after publishing it to FME Server, the error

Some of all of the input parameters are invalid


Some or all of the input parameters are invalid Illegal field "authorizationUrl": The field or property is required, but was missing or emptyIllegal field "authCodeForTokenUrl": The fieldor property is required, but was missing or empty  

is displayed on the UI.


In FME, web services that are shipped with FME Desktop can be uploaded directly to FME Server. An example would be the Esri ArcGIS Online (Read Only) web service. In this article, this will be referred to as the template web service.


New web services can be created from these templates in FME Desktop. This is called a derived web service because it was derived from the original template. They can also be uploaded to FME Server.


This issue happens when the user has a template ArcGIS Online web service published to FME Server and then uploads a derived ArcGIS Online web service to the same FME Server instance. The derived ArcGIS Online web service will not be useable.


Remove the original ArcGIS Online web service from FME Server, and only use derived ArcGIS Online Web Services. Please note that removing the original ArcGIS web service will remove the derived web services and connections as well, so you will have to reupload all of your web services and connections.

Alternatively, you can upload the derived ArcGIS Online Web Service from an older version of FME Desktop (2021.0). This will work, even if the original ArcGIS Online web service is on the machine.

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