Geographic Data Files (GDF) Writer Deprecation

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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Due to low interest, Safe Software is taking steps to deprecate the Geographic Data Files (GDF) writer. It will be phased out in a series of stages.

In FME 2019 (Build 19081), the GDF writer is hidden, so that it is not possible to create new workspaces with the GDF Writer. Existing workspaces that contain the GDF writer will trigger a warning message in the log window, to raise awareness and encourage users to switch format.

In coming releases (FME 2020+), the GDF writer will be completely removed from FME. It will not be possible to add the GDF Writer or run a workspace containing the GDF Writer when that change happens. No further development or bug fixes will occur from this point forward on the GDF writer.


For new workspaces in FME 2019.0+, the Geographic Data File (GDF) writer is not available.

The following message will appear in the log when a pre-FME 2019 workspace using the GDF writer is run in FME 2019.0+ (Build 19081+) Workbench or Server:

The GDF Format Writer will be deprecated in FME 2020+. Please consider migrating to an alternative spatial format for writing data. For more information, see


Log message in FME 2019.0 (Build 19081+) when a workspace is run which contains a GDF writer.


Safe Software encourages the use of another spatial format. Please consider browsing the list of supported formats.

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