Reading ArcFM Geodatabase data using FME

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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Reading an Esri Geodatabase that contains Schneider Electric ArcFM (was Telvent Miner & Miner) objects requires the ArcFM Object Reader (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions available) or an ArcFM product such as the ArcFM Geodatabase Replication Administration (32-bit) or ArcFM Server (64-bit).

There is no licensing requirement for the ArcFM Object reader. The usual FME and Esri Geodatabase install and licensing requirements do apply. Older versions of the ArcFM Object Reader can be downloaded from the Schneider Electric Telvent (Miner & Miner) website. The newer versions of the ArcFM Object Reader can be downloaded from Schneider Electric's MyArcFM portal.

Please ensure that the bit-version is consistent across the range of applications:

Product ArcFM ArcGIS FME
  32-bit 32-bit 32-bit
  64-bit 64-bit 64-bit

Note that there are no obvious adverse effects using 64-bit background geoprocessing with a 32-bit version of ArcFM. But if using 32-bit ArcFM then 32-bit FME is required.


Known Issues

As of FME 2014 release, some clients have reported seeing an 'error running translation' message in the workbench logfile after adding an SDE geodatabase reader to the workspace.

Tests were conducted using ArcGIS 10.2.1, ArcFM 10.2.1 connecting to an SDE geodatabase of 10.0 SP4 or newer (note that 10.0 and newer may actually be affected while 9.3.1 didn't appear to be). It was determined that patch #593 from Telvent fixes this error report in FME.

Please note the message reported has nothing to do with the FME translation as it is complete before the error message is returned. It can be safely ignored for most translations, however, we recognize that in some situations, for example when using the WorkspaceRunner transformer, other FME translations may not be completed because of this error message. In these cases, it is recommended to install the patch (or a more recent version) from Schneider Electric for ArcFM.



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