Deploying the FME Platform on the Google Cloud Platform

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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  • FME 2020.0


To quickly deploy a virtual machine on Google Cloud with both FME Desktop and FME Server pre-installed, perform the following steps.

Note: The Google Cloud Platform interface is under active development. Although we make every effort to provide accurate instructions, they are subject to change. Also, the exact options you see depend on whether or not you have existing projects.

1. Access the FME Platform 2020.0 page in the Google Marketplace and click the LAUNCH ON COMPUTE ENGINE button.

2. In the Configure & Deploy window, enter or select appropriate values for zone, machine type, and so on. Click the Deploy button.

Note: A minimum of 2 vCPUs and 7.5 GB of memory is recommended.

3. That's it, your virtual machine with FME Desktop and FME Server on is now deploying.

Accessing FME

1. Once the deployment is finished go to Compute Engine and select the newly launched VM and set the Windows password so you can log in to the virtual machine. Also, make sure to note down your username.


2. Click on the RDP link to download the RDP connection file. Then connect to the virtual machine using your Remote Desktop application.

Licensing FME Desktop

1. Accept the End User License Agreement

2. Request a trial license from here, click “Activate a trial version of FME”, and enter the activation code that was emailed to you.

3. FME Desktop is now licensed!

Licensing FME Server

The FME Server licensing is integrated into FME Server. Login to FME Server:

Once you have logged in, follow the instructions here to request a trial license.

Note: If you are logged in to the machine itself, you can access at http://localhost/fmeserver, but from another machine you can access it through the external IP address of the machine http://<IPAddress>/fmeserver

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