Windows: Enable long file path support

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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FME Version

  • FME 2019.x

Note: Enabling long path support requires at least Windows 10/Windows Server 2016.

In FME 2019.2.1 we added support for Windows 10 long paths, allowing the use of paths longer than 260 characters with FME. FME is ready for long paths out of the box, but Windows 10 needs to have them enabled by the user before any application can use them.

Step 1: Open the Group Policy Editor

From the Start menu click on the magnifying glass icon to search windows and type ‘Group Policy’. Select the Edit group policy option.


Step 2: Open the FileSystem folder

In the panel on the left-hand side under Computer Configuration select Administrative Templates > System > Filesystem. Within the Filesystem folder under Settings on the right-hand side select ‘Enable Win32 long paths’ to open an additional dialog window.


Step 3: Enable Long Paths

In the top left change the checkbox from Disabled to Enable, click Apply and then OK. You should see the State of this Setting under the Filesystem has been updated to reflect this change.


Step 4: Restart FME Server Engine Service

Note: This step is only applicable if you are enabling for use with FME Server.

From Windows Search bar find ‘Services’ and restart the FME Server Engine Service.


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