Stamen Background Maps Deprecation

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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Known Issue ID FMEFORM-29474
Affects All FME Form and FME Desktop* versions
Resolved FME Form 2023.1.1.1

*Note as of the FME 2023.0 release, FME Desktop is now FME Form. 


As of October 31st, 2023, Stamen Maps will no longer be available as a background map option in all versions of FME Workbench Visual Preview and FME Data Inspector prior to FME Form 2023.1.1.1. Users will encounter an error notice or a notice from Stamen if they try to use Stamen as a background map option. 


Stamen is shutting down its free offering of the raster tiles used for background maps and moving its service over to Stadia. Stamen maps were often suggested by Safe Software in most of our training courses and knowledge base articles as it was a free option that did not require an API key to use a background map while viewing data. Alternative background maps in FME Data Inspector and Visual Preview in FME Workbench require an API key from the provider. 


We have been working to offer three Stadia basemaps as a free option to FME, which is now available in FME 2023.1.1.1. Please download the latest version of FME. Adding a Stadia basemap with an API key is still an available option. 

If you previously had a Stamen Map saved as a default, a notice will appear stating that Stamen Maps are deprecated. 

New default options will be automatically available in FME Workbench Visual Preview and FME Data Inspector, which can be selected. 


If you are unable to download the latest version of FME but would still like to access a basemap, we suggest signing up for HERE or Bing Maps and obtaining an API key. Note these are trial services and may accrue costs if the background map usage is high enough. Optionally, if you have an existing Esri ArcGIS Online (AGOL) account, you can access background maps using your AGOL web connection.  

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