Workspace notifications, Part 3: Completion notification

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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While the FMEServerNotifier is very useful while a workspace is running, users often need to have something happen when a workspace completes - run another workspace, upload a file to S3, send an email, etc. This is where the web services come into play.




Notifying success or failure of a job

When publishing a workspace from FME Workbench to FME Server, the final step is selecting which web service to register with the workspace. In the registration properties, you can specify a topic to notify on the successful completion of the workspace, or on workspace failure. Data Download, Data Streaming, Job Submitter and Notification services all have this option.

Note: You must specify notification topics for each of the services you will be using to run the workspace. So, for example, if you are running the workspace via the web interface, but also in response to incoming emails, you will need to configure both the Job Submitter Service, and the Notification Service.

This tutorial will use an earlier workspace that has had its FMEServerNotifier transformer removed. In its place we will use a Text file writer, and then modify our workspace’s job submitter properties as we publish it to FME Server.

1) Add a new Text File writer named "notifier" to the canvas, and connect it to the JSONTemplater transformer.

2) Expand the attributes for the Text File writer, and connect the "_result" attribute from the JSONTemplater to "text_line_data" attribute on the writer. Here is the completed workspace:


3) Publish the workspace to FME Server. When you get to the Register Services dialog, select the "Edit" button to open the Job Submitter service properties.


4) Set the Job Submitter service properties as below:


5) If the Post to Topics don't exist, you can create them right in the publication wizard:


6) Configure an email subscriber which is subscribed to SAMPLE_SUCCESS_TOPIC.

7) Configure an email subscriber which is subscribed to SAMPLE_FAIL_TOPIC.

8) Run the newly published workspace and check for a notification sent to the SAMPLE_SUCCESS_TOPIC when the job completes successfully.

9) Test for fail conditions by providing an invalid dataset, which will generate a failure notification sent to SAMPLE_FAIL_TOPIC.

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