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Liz Sanderson
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Does FME support reading and writing from/to ArcGIS Online?

Yes - FME supports reading and writing ArcGIS Online feature services 


Does FME support Free/Public ArcGIS Online account?

No - at this time, FME does not support connecting to free or public ArcGIS Online accounts. You can obtain a free trial of ArcGIS Online here.

I'm using a proxy, can I still access ArcGIS Online with FME?

Yes - FME can be configured to use your network proxy. For further information and instructional steps, please see Configure FME Desktop to connect through your proxy server.

However, if your system uses a proxy that requires a PAC (proxy auto-config) file, you may see errors like the following when attempting to use the ArcGIS Online Reader or Writer within FME:

"ArcGIS Online Feature Service Reader: Could not connect to server. Check that you are connected to the internet and that no firewall is blocking outbound connections."

This is because the ArcGIS Online format within FME currently does not support connecting through a proxy that makes use of a PAC file. It is unable to interpret the file, so is unable to locate the correct proxy server to use to make the connection to ArcGIS Online.


My ArcGIS Online account requires additional authentication, can I still connect to ArcGIS Online with FME?

Yes. The ArcGIS Online web service uses OAuth 2.0. You only authenticate to obtain a token that is used by FME going forward, not the user credentials.

Can I update an existing ArcGIS Online feature service?

Yes - The ArcGIS Online Feature Service writer has support for insert, update, upsert, and delete. The mode can be set either at the feature type level (to apply to every feature written to the corresponding feature service) or at the feature level using the fme_db_operation attribute.

For more information and an example workspace, please see How do I write updates to an existing ArcGIS Online feature service?

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