Database Only Service Doesn't Start in FME Server 2019.0 Installs for Linux

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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  • FME 2019.x


There is a known issue in the startup script for the Linux version of the database only installation of FME Server 2019.0 which causes the database service to not start.


To resolve this issue, install the FME Server 2019.0.0.1 Hot Fix.

If unable to upgrade to the FME Server 2019.0.0.1, this issue can be resolved with this workaround:

1. Edit /opt/fmeserver/Server/ and after the -l flag add:



/opt/fmeserver is the default location that FME Server is installed. If FME Server is installed to a different location, replace /opt/fmeserver with the new location.

2. Once the edit is made, the script needs to be run as the fmeserver user that is created when FME Server is installed:

sudo su fmeserver -c ‘/opt/fmeserver/Server/’

3. If you are having any issues after trying this workaround, please contact Safe Support.

*Note that this issue only on FME Server 2019.0 for Linux with a database-only install. All other FME Server users can disregard this issue.*

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