Known Issue: Google App Developers report FME will no longer have access to your Gmail data

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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Known Issue ID FMEENGINE-66073 & FMEENGINE-66582
Discovered Emailer Package v 1.0.1
Affects Emailer Package v 0.1.0 to 1.0.1
Resolved Emailer Package v 2.0.0


You have a Gmail Web Connection under the Google Gmail (safe.emailer) web service provided with the Emailer package. The email address assigned to this web connection has received an email from Google App developers that FME does not pass the Google verification process and access will be blocked. 



The Google Gmail (safe.emailer) web service definition provided by FME in the Emailer package v 0.1.0 - 1.0.1 had not undergone a verification process, this meant that Google could not verify the FME Gmail app.



There are a number of resolutions available. If you are using the Emailer in a production environment we would recommend you turn to resolution 3 and manage your own web service definition.


Resolution 1: Update Emailer Package

The Emailer Package v 2.0.0 web service definition has been updated to use a new Google verified app. The current package update process won’t overwrite the packages previously-installed web service, therefore to obtain this new FME provided web service definition you’ll need to:

  1. Uninstall the Emailer package
    1. Go to Tools > FME Options > FME Packages
    2. Find the Emailer and select ‘Remove’. When prompted by a warning select Yes
  2. Remove the safe.emailer.Google Gmail Web Service
    1. In FME Options, go to Web Connections > Manage Web Services
    2. Find safe.emailer.Google Gmail and select the minus button. When prompted select OK. Note, this will remove all associated Gmail Web Connections.  
  3. Return to the FME Workbench canvas and add the Emailer transformer. This will install the latest version of the package - containing the verified web service. 
  4. Recreate your email web connection(s) under the same name. This will mean you do not need to update all of the workspaces that use this connection. 


Resolution 2: Exclude FME from the Google Review Process

If you are using a GSuite domain it may be possible to ask your email server administrator to add FME to a whitelist of trusted apps or make it for internal use only. Either of these options should exclude it from the review process.


Resolution 3: Create your own Gmail App 

The Gmail Web Service definition that is provided by Safe Software is recommended for demo purposes only. Therefore the preferred option may be to create your own Google App (client ID/secret) for use within FME. Since this is an app created by your account within Google there is no risk of access being denied in future. To do this you will need to:

1. Visit Google API Console
2. Create a new project

3. Once in your project, configure the OAuth consent screen. You'll first need to choose if your app is for internal purposes only.

Then fill in some additional information about the application

4. If you’ve created an External App, return to the OAuth consent screen and click Publish App.
5. Under the Enabled APIs & services tab, click the Enable APIs and Services option. 

Search for the Gmail API in the API Library. Choose to Enable the Gmail API. 
Use the back arrow to return to the APIs & Services page.
6. Create your Client ID and Secret

For the application type select 'Desktop App'

You'll now have a new Client ID and Secret that you can set your Gmail Web Service to use in FME
 7. Go to FME Desktop > FME Options and under Web Connections select 'Manage Services...'

8. Find your Google Gmail Web Service and update the Client ID/Secret under the Client Information Header with the ones you just created.

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