3 Machine Distributed Installation

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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FME Version

  • FME 2017.x

If you are unsure which FME Server installation method is right for your situation or you are looking for information on the other methods of installation, visit the Recommended Installation Scenario article.


Organizations often want to have FME incorporated into their current ecosystem. By separating out the tiers you can allow FME Server to be incorporated existing structures, and use existing security practices, and software.


Key Features

  • Allows you to use a database you are already using.
  • If your organization requires specific security measures, a distributed environment allows for more specific configuration.
  • Security updates can be applied to the various tiers without having to reinstall all of FME Server.


Important Notes

  • You can schedule backups of your FME Server and in the event of disaster recovery you can reinstall FME quickly and use the restore to restore while maintaining data in another location.


Architecture Diagram


Installation Checklist

  1. Install Core
    1. Select an install location, run installer and choose distributed --> core and web services
    2. Select a user account for the core (should already have access to the share)
    3. Select location of the file share. It's recommended you set one up in advance if you want to use a fault tolerant remote file share.
    4. Select the name of the server
    5. Create admin login for FME Server (important to remember)
    6. Specify host and port of database (The scripts needed to set up the database will be generated when the core is installed)
    7. Configure the FME Server Web Services for Failover if applicable.
    8. Configure Firewall Settings
  2. Configure the Database
    1. Run database configuration scripts
    2. Enable Database Connections to the core
    3. Run Post install scripts
  3. Run the installer again this time choose engine instead of distributed
    1. Follow the installer, use the same account, and UNC share and specify the web
    2. On the core add the new engine to fmeServerConfig.txt FME_SERVER_HOST_NAME parameter
  4. Restart the core
  5. Request a license from the FME Server Web Interface


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