Known Issue: Cannot Create Esri Geodatabase Formats When a Retired Version of an Esri Product is Installed and Licensed

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FME Version

  • FME 2023.0
Known Issue IDFMEENGINE-76241
DiscoveredFME Form 2023.0
AffectsFME Form 2023.0 and newer



In FME Form 2023.0, the following error message is seen when trying to add a new Esri-dependent format to a workspace:
The "Esri …" format has unmet dependencies. Please check that a supported version of ArcGIS is installed and licensed. Refer to the "Notes on FME and Esri Versions and Compatibility" page on our Community for the list of supported ArcGIS versions.

This message may also be seen when trying to edit Esri-dependent formats within workspaces that were authored in older FME versions, and then opened in FME Form 2023.0.


When an Esri-dependent format is used in a workspace, FME typically requires access to a valid Esri product license (ArcGIS Desktop or ArcGIS Pro, for ex.) to allow these formats to run correctly. If the only Esri license accessible to FME comes from a retired version of an Esri product, all of the Esri-dependent formats will be grayed out in the FME Reader or Writer Gallery, as shown in this FME Community article. Users will not be able to add these formats to their workspaces in FME Form 2023.0. 

Additionally, Esri-dependent formats from workspaces authored in older FME versions and then opened in FME Form 2023.0 will not be editable. These older workspaces will still run as expected in FME Form 2023.0. 


Please install and license a supported Esri ArcGIS product that is compatible with the FME 2023 platform. Refer to the FME Community article, Notes on Esri and FME Versions and Compatiblity, for guidance.

Note: starting in FME Form 2024.0, workspaces with dependencies on a valid Esri product license will not run when the only available Esri license comes from a retired version of an Esri product.

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