Upgrading FME Server 2020: Web/Database Connection Permissions

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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FME Version

  • FME 2020.0

We have made some security improvements regarding Web or Database connections for FME Server 2020. However, to enforce these changes this means that any User or API Token that was assigned permissions to Web or Database connections in a prior version, these permissions have not been included in the restore process.

Therefore, after upgrading your FME Server to 2020.0 or newer, you will be required to reconfigure the necessary permissions. If you do not, when users run workspaces that contain these connections the translation will fail and they will receive the error message in the Job log:

Unauthorized request by user due to lack of proper permissions

Note: This is a one-off requirement when moving to FME Server 2020 or newer from any prior version. In future upgrades, permissions for connections will continue to be carried over with the backup/restore process.


If you have encountered this error but have not recently performed an upgrade and restore to FME Server 2020+ or you require further instructions on how to update User/Token permissions please see this article for additional information.

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