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Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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Workspace Viewer in FME Server will be deprecated and no longer available in FME Server 2023.0 or newer. FME Desktop will be required to view workspaces. Please see How to View a Workspace below for more information. 

In FME 2022.0, new users are not granted permission to see the Workspace Viewer; the superuser/admin role will need to enable this functionality. Current users who upgraded to FME 2022.0 will not see their permissions revoked. 

Workspace Viewer was used to view workspaces directly in FME Server without the need to download them to FME Desktop. 

How to View a Workspace  

To view a workspace in FME Server without access to Workspace Viewer, you will need a licensed version of FME Desktop. Try FME Desktop for free for 30 days here. Workspaces will need to be downloaded from FME Server, then opened in FME Workbench, or downloaded directly in FME Workbench. 

From FME Server

To download a workspace in FME Server, the user will need permission to access Repositories. Navigate to Workspaces on the side menu bar, then browse to the repository containing the workspace you wish to download. Click on the download icon or select the workspace, then select Download from the Actions menu. Open the workspace in FME Workbench as normal. 

From FME Desktop (FME Workbench) 

Open FME Workbench, then click on the Download button on the top menu bar or go to File > Download from FME Server.

In the Download from FME Server dialog, select your FME Server Connection, then click Next. On the Download Repository Item page, select your repository, then the workspace, and click Download. Choose a location to save the workspace. Then the workspace will automatically open for you to view and edit. 


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