FME Objects and Plug-in Builder Porting Notes for FME 2023.0+

Jovita C.
Jovita C.
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FME Version

  • FME 2023.0


In FME 2023.0 and newer, we’ve made a few changes to the FME Software Development Kits (SDK). Specifically, we’ve split fmetypes.h into multiple new headers. The downloadable PDF lists both the changes and recommended suggestions for SDK users on how to adopt them in their FME Plug-in SDK modules and FME Objects applications.

C++ Applications

After updating to the new SDK, existing plug-ins and applications may not compile. Resolving the various compilation errors should result in a successful migration to the latest FME SDK.

  • Deleted headers
  • Moved to new headers
  • Removed names
  • Renamed constants


Download PDF

Due to document length limitations, please download the PDF which includes the entire list of deleted headers, fme::names moved to new headers, removed names and renamed constants here: FME Objects and Plug-in Builder Porting Notes for FME 2023.0+.pdf or in the Files section at the top right.

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