Receiving UDP messages with FME Server

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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FME Server has the ability to receive UDP messages and process them with a FME workspace.


Step-by-step Instructions

1. Choose a port that you would like FME Server to receive UDP messages on (e.g. 55214). Make sure that this port can be accessed from the client that is sending UDP messages. You may need to create a firewall rule to allow this access.

2. Create a workspace that reads the UDP message and performs some action with the content.

  • Start by adding a Text File reader set to read any file. This gives the UDP message an entry point into the workspace.
  • Add transformers to work with the UDP messages. The most simple example is to add an AttributeWriter transformer that will write the UDP message out to disk.

3. Publish the workspace to FME Server and at the register with services screen:

  • Check on the Subscription Service and click edit,
  • Click the ellipsis (...) button next to Assigned Topics,
  • Click New Topic...
  • Enter a topic name and then click OK,
  • Check on the new topic and click OK,
  • Click OK and then Publish.

4. Create the UDP Publication

  • Open the Web Interface > Notifications > Publications > New
  • Enter a name for the publication.
  • Select UDP for the protocol.
  • Enter the port you chose earlier.
  • Select the Topic you created earlier.
  • Click OK.

5. Send a UDP message to FME Server. You can configure your UDP client to send to FME Server or use a test tool. Search for 'UDP Test Tool' to find a free one.

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