OGC Disaster and Climate Resilience Pilots

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Dean Hintz
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Safe Software Participation in OGC Pilots

Safe Software has participated in a number of Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC ) pilots related to disaster response and climate resilience . The OGC initiates these pilots to bring together a wide range of specialists, from a variety of disciplines, to explore what data sources and workflows are needed to support indicators and decision making in order to adequately cope with disaster and climate change impacts. The challenge is to develop methodologies and tools for discovering, extracting, integrating, processing and sharing information across spatial data infrastructures, using open standards, in the service of more effective disaster management and climate resilience.

There are ever increasing volumes of data, much of it changing over time. However, all this can lead to information overload as managers are swamped with data from multiple domains and sources, and struggle to filter and interrelate it to extract meaningful, actionable knowledge. Thus, it is essential that the disaster managers find ways to improve their effectiveness and efficiency for integrating, combining and leveraging spatial data, in order to better support effective climate change impact analysis that empowers the anticipation, response to and mitigation of the effects. Safe Software participates in these pilots in order to learn more about these challenges and explore ways that the FME platform can be employed to meet these demands in an effective and efficient manner.

The following pilots each focus on a specific area of disaster or climate impact management. Follow the links to find out more information related to each pilot.


Disaster Pilot 2021 

Model flood risk for the Red River Basin and feed this information to a transportation model to support flood mitigated routing.
OGC Disaster Pilot 2021

Climate Resilience Pilot 2023 

Provide a queryable service to extract climate model forecasts and produce results that are easy to access via GIS systems and incorporate into disaster planning and climate resilience analysis.
OGC Climate Resilience Pilot

Disaster Pilot 2023

This pilot involves refining the climate services made available in the Climate Resilience Pilot and applying them to drought modelling in southern Manitoba. this pilot is ongoing and an article will be published and linked here once the pilot wraps up.

For more on FME's support for open standards and the OGC see: 
FME and OGC Open Standards

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