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Safe Software Participation in OGC Code Sprints

Safe Software has participated in a number of Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC ) code sprints, hackathons and plug fests. The OGC initiates these sprints to bring together a range of specialists, from a variety of disciplines, to explore what data tools, approaches and workflows are needed utilize OGC open standards, with a particular focus on emerging standards. 

The following code sprints each focus on a specific set of emerging OGC standards. 


CityGML Challenge, 2019

Participants came together to test out the new draft CityGML3 specification and applications schemas. The Safe team was able to demonstrate basic support for reading and writing CityGML3 with the standard GML reader / writer in application schema mode. There were also tests performed reading CityGML2 and writing to CityGML3, with most properties being brought across except for those not covered by typical GML support such as appearances.
For more information see:
OGC invites you to its CityGML Challenge


Code Sprint 2023

For this code sprint Safe Software demonstrated the use of its GML reader / writer to generate MUDDI GML according to the MUDDI GML application schema developed for the code sprint by Interactive Instruments. The Safe team took City of Burnaby water and sewer pipeline GeoJSON data from their public data portal and transformed it into MUDDI compliant GML data. The resulting data was validated against the MUDDI GML schemas. The Safe team also converted from the MUDDI GML to other encodings including GeoJSON, OGC Geopackage and ESRI Geodatabase.

For more on FME's support for open standards and the OGC see: 
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