Testing Account Permissions for FME Engine Service

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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If you are able to run a workspace on FME Form (formerly FME Desktop), but it is failing on FME Flow (formerly FME Server), it's possible that the account being used to run the FME Engine does not have permission to access the required system resources. 

By default, the FME Flow Windows services use the Local System account. However, the Local System account may not be able to access files or applications found elsewhere on the network. 




Try running the FME Flow Engine service under a different account:

  1. On the machine where FME Workbench successfully ran the workspace in question, note the Windows user account that you used to log into the machine.
  2. Temporarily change the LogOn account for the FME Flow Engines Service to use this same Windows user account.
  3. Run the workspace from the FME Flow Web Interface to confirm whether or not it runs successfully with this user account 



If the workspace runs correctly under another Service Account, then you have established that permissions are likely causing the issue.

The next step is to choose or create an appropriate service account to run the services and then permanently change the LogOn account for the FME Flow Engines Service.

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